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Susan Schuyler

 @PEACE anchor your soul


Exercise is not just motion.

  Wellness is not just something that interests me. 

 Fitness is not just my “second job.”

I thoroughly love learning about all of the unique differences each one of our bodies carries.  Fitness/ Wellness is a never ending way of life that specifically unique to each one of us.  I love trying to grasp that concept and portray it through the workout I develop.  Each program is as unique as we are.

I have been a fitness/sports enthusiast pretty much all my life.  I started playing sports as a young girl.  I found so much pleasure kicking a homerun in kickball, beating the boys in running races and scoring a goal in field hockey.  As I found myself getting ready to go off to college I knew that the sports venue is where I belonged.  I thought a sports write or commentator.  I studied communications and English. Though as my years rolled on I found that I belonged in the classroom, teaching health and physical education?  Actually I finished my studies at the University Maryland as a Sports Management major.

I was ready to take on the sports field but a few things slipped in the way.  I married my high school sweetheart, help start up Pearly Bakers Alehouse in Easton, PA, our restaurant that is still in operation today after 21 years.  Next my son Olin was born and I now I was bustling around after him.

I took a position at the HCYMCA.  I worked with the kids teaching sport activities.  I loved this.. Watching the kids learn and laugh at the same time was an Awesome experience!!!

I now started getting interested in taking classes for myself. “Must take care of your own Temple my mother would say.”  With this I forged into all different styles of fitness classes.  It was so much fun and I found a social life as well with other Moms!

So know I was going to make fitness my lifestyle not just a fashion.  I worked hard to prepare and pass for my Spin, Personal Training, Yoga, Senior Strength, and Boot Camp Certifications.  It is an accomplishment I’m so PROUD of…

As well as my love for helping my clients achieve their goals I always set goals for myself.  Besides completing my certifications I have run and finished in a half a dozen distance runs, The Cherry Blossom 1/2 marathon is Washington DC being my favorite of them all.  I’m also a certified 50 ton boating captain licensed through the US Coast Guard.  I’m wild about skiing, sailing, tennis and lacrosse and football as well!

I have a refined special relationship with my clients and have become their friend as much as their motivator.  Helping others achieve their goals in and out of the studio is my passion.  I love spending time with my family, Greg and Olin are my rock- n- mortar. They have helped me realize that the simplest things in life are the most rewarding!