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New Students

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We welcome you and thank you for trusting in us to provide you with a safe and fulfilling mind body fitness experience.

Please make sure to visit your physician prior to your first class so you can be evaluated and approved to begin an exercise routine.  If you have any limitations or injuries but have been given the ok to exercise please let your instructor know so he/she can provide you with modifications and safe alternatives if needed during your class.  We will ask you to complete our release form which can be found on our website and at The Studio.  Always seek medical attention for any questions or concerns that may arise during your training with us.  Our instructors are all highly educated, experienced and certified for the class or classes they are teaching however it is out of their scope of expertise to offer you any medical advice.

Most of our classes are designed for all level students as our instructors will give personalized attention, modifications and variations in a supportive and encouraging way.  We take pride on offering every student individualized attention within our small group setting.  We believe this is what makes The Studio stand out.  We truly care about you and hope to provide you with the ultimate mind body experience in an non-intimidating and safe environment.  All of our teachers are available before and after class for any questions you may have.  We are a family and not only will you find the support of your teachers but from your fellow students alike.

As stated most of our classes are great for all levels however if you are brand new to exercise or have taken some time off from physical movement we always suggest you start slowly.  We hope to give you a motivational and fun format in which to exercise however most importantly your safety is of our utmost importance.

Prior to your first class meet your instructor at least 15 minutes before it begins to discuss your goals and possible concerns. For your safety and comfort of your fellow students please continue to arrive a few minutes early to each of your classes.  If you are attending your first Spinning class you will need at least 15 minutes for bike safety and personal set up.

Our recommendations for classes to begin with are: any of our Spinning® half and half classes, Pilates, Barre, Zumba® and Gentle Flow Yoga.  Please hydrate before, during and after your class.  While attending classes at The Studio we provide you with a complimentary bottle of water and a towel.   We also have all the equipment you will need including use of yoga mats.  Wear breathable and comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear.  Outdoor sneakers are not permitted inside our studio rooms so please bring a clean inside pair of sneakers with you.  Please remove makeup prior to using a Studio towel and due to allergies refrain from wearing perfume.

We are here for you.  Please reach out to us with any questions you may have and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healthy journey.  “Sweaty Hug From Me to You!”