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deb cMy name is Debbie O’Connor. I live in Clinton Twsp. with my husband John and our 4 children, Jack 14, Ryan 12, Kayla 9 and Cole 8. We also have 3 dogs and a cat.

I have been a fitness fanatic since i was about 13 years old. Growing up, I loved any type of exercise I had access to from running, to aerobics (Dating myself), to strength and conditioning. It has always been a passion of mine and I have never been one to be sedentary.

I finished college with a degree in Psychology, but life took me on a different path. In 1995 I began working in the dental field as an assistant/office manager, which is how I met my husband.

We were married in 2001, and had our first child in December of that year. We proceeded to have 3 more children over the next 6 years.

This kept me very busy as a stay at home mom, but I knew once the children were all in school full time, there was more that I wanted and needed to do to feel whole.

I considered getting my Master’s in Social Work, but in the process of deciding what I wanted to focus my energy on, an opportunity arose for me to begin teaching a boot camp class that I had currently been participating in, as a client.

I completed my ACE Certification and began teaching 3 classes a week. This eventually turned into up to 9 classes a week, along with small groups and one on one personal training.

I knew I was living the dream, doing what I love and what is truly my passion. The energy and excitement I feel every time I walk in to instruct a class never waivers. I spend a great deal of time constructing classes and giving my clients a variety of fun and different workouts.

I try to make the classes suitable for all levels of fitness and use a variety of equipment.

Anything from body-weight to Kettle-bells to Tabata to HIIT, to circuit stations……you never know what you are going to get, but it will always be easy to follow and a full body workout.

deb bI am also certified in TRX, and I am getting my re-certification for Spinning in the next few weeks. I am also currently studying for SGX and SOS Training, which will certify me to train clients who would like to participate in a Spartan Race. I will be adding to my list of certifications over the next year and am excited to bring all of this new knowledge to my clients.

I keep my classes high energy, uplifting and fun, and often remind my clients that my comedic stories are included free of charge!

On a personal side, I have participated in several Spartan Races finishing in the top 3% for my age group and top 8% for all females. I am registered to participate in the NJ Beast, being held in April, which is the longest of the Spartan races (12-15 miles/ 30+ Obstacles)deb d

I am also a board member and an “Angel” for the NJ Chapter of myTeamTriumph. This is an athletic ride along, inspired by father and son, Dick and Rick Hoyt, created for children, teens and adults with disabilities, who would otherwise not be able to participate in and experience endurance races, such as triathlons and road races.

The reason I became involved in this organization is because our 12 year old son, Ryan, was born with a very rare chromosome deletion and he is a student at the Matheny Medical and Educational Center in Peapack, NJ for children with severe disabilities.

deb aRyan is my “captain” and with an adaptive stroller we are able to run for miles and miles, and participate in many races where he is the athlete and I am his “wings”.

I am also a board member at Matheny and very involved in my 3 other childrens schools, including being a Girls on the Run Coach for 3 seasons at Immaculate Conception School in Clinton, where my children attend, as well as the schools Social Concerns Coordinator.

I am heading into my 4th season as the Head Coach of the Hunterdon Huskies Contenders Football team. This is a team for children ages 5 to 21, with any type of special needs, to come and learn the basic skills of football and be part of a team and the community.

I also coached cheer for the Huskies for 4 years.

I am so excited for this new venture and am honored that Dorothy and Matt have chosen me to continue to nurture what they have obviously poured their hearts and souls into, while adding my own personal style and energy. I am so happy to have Dorothy by my side during this transition and I will continue to maintain the level of dedication and enthusiasm with which they have built The Studio.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and for my current clients to have a new and beautiful location, in which to train.

Happy 2016!!!!


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